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Done Right

In the digital age, the time is always now. the buzz moves milliseconds. Brands get one chance to launch correctly. With  a global network of comsumer reporters and specialists in every segmente of the marketplace, IBP Media knows how to take brands to the next level.

Our speciality is generating invaluable exposure for clientele. We join the right reporters, social media influencers, experts, business and celebrities with fantastic brands. We keep things simples for our clients delivering value.

IBP Media helps our brands from beginning to end. We manage successful debuts for companies of all sizes and industries. Everything we do at IBP Media comes back to analytics, ROI, and generating new sales for our clients-

IBP Media makes sure consumers remember our brands when the time is right by shaping public opinion every second, every hour. Our work pays for itself.

Check this out

IBP Media provides a full suite of marketing services designed to captivate the digital space. Our talented creatives understand the importance of hooking consumers with the best in inspired digital assets.

We produce quality content that keep our brands in the spotlight. Our imagery and video generate heat for clients. We understand that the best digital campaigns starts begin with a strong concept.

Our team is there for clients from the first idea to the shoot, edit, to final distribution. IBP Media knows digital content is a powerful method for brands to grow awareness. The best digital marketing goes viral quickly, and then lives on for years afterward, perennially strengthening brands. Evergreen.

Don’t be shy

Social media is the newest landscape for marketing brands. IBP Media develops social media programs that keep and grow consumer bases in fresh compelling ways.

Our social media initiatives provide a perfect platform for clients to engage and grow their consumer bases with unmatched frequency and precision.

IBP Media helps our clients curate their social content by first delivering a cohesive aesthetic and message. IBP Media is there for clients to produce engaging content designed to build out their social networks, and retain followers.

Brands need to evolve to succeed in the modern marketplace. Social media is the centerpiece of the new marketing mix. Come on. Let’s be social.

Boring is bad

Consumer, media, industry, and trade events are important. Most of them are also boring. Events need to engage and inspire.

IBP Media delivers completely unique and thrilling experiences for our brands. We design fresh, entertaining events that are attended by the right people to keep our clients at the forefront of competition. A stale press junket won’t impress anyone. A great event that isn’t well attended by the right people is useless. IBP Media knows how to maximize client ROI by designing dynamic experiences for top tier media, talent, and consumers.

Experiential marketing is one of the fastest growing segments in marketing for a reason. IBP Media can create and design a concept made to excite. We help brands go places they never thought possible. Good thing we did.

Promotion on point

In an increasingly complex marketplace, the constant challenge is being visible in the right places. For strategic marketers looking to maximize value, our strategic communications programs offer the chance for brands to be featured in the spotlight based on the strength of their products and services, not simply the size of their budget.

Our media relations programs bring clients hundreds of millions of dollars in valuable media exposure designed to impress consumers. We deliver billions of earned impressions to clients annually at a fraction of the cost to advertise.

IBP Media offers a value proposition to clients through strategic marketing. When an outlet features one of our brands, consumers take notice. Our work captivates the right imaginations. That’s no accident.

Plugging into the new world

In the modern media age, producing touring events and custom experiences for the people that influence marketplace opinion is critical for brands to succeed. Success isn’t just about the coverage anymore. Brands need to get the most out of each opportunity by documenting it from start to finish via social media. Networking is key.

IBP Media designs touring programs for our clients that make the right impression. We connect our brands with more than thirty six thousand media outlets across the globe helping our clients reach billions of consumers in the process.

Feting reporters is only part of the equation. IBP Media also incorporates leading tastemakers on social media to feature our clients regularly, helping brands reach millions instantly.

Content is king

Our professionals produce premiere content for amazing brands. Whatever the industry, IBP Media generates exclusive content made to excite.

Our words are consumed all around the globe in the world’s most respected media. Capturing imaginations is just the first step.

With an established network of professionals working in every segment of the national and international marketplace, IBP Media content gets brands noticed.